Investors Underground Elite Live Trading Chat Reviews

Are Investors Underground Trades Legit? Can The Lessons Taught Really Teach You To Become A Richer Trader?

(continue reading my in-depth unbiased review from actual users to find out)

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Lets just jump right in as I personally hate when people don’t cut to the point. Investors Underground Live trading chat is a group of day traders who came together in late 2008. Nathan Michaud is the main one you see he is like the poster child the rest of them you’ll see in the trading chat rooms.Nathan Michaud is the head trader he really trades anything from penny stocks to NASDAQ stocks.

They are 3 Chat rooms the momentum trades  chat room , the swing trade chat rooms and the OTC(penny stocks) chat rooms. These have different moderators who are very successful trades some are verified millionaires on . The good thing about these chat rooms is that you can only chat about beneficial trades, you cannot go there and talk about losses and complain you’ll get a warning or if anyone else does they’ll get a warning its all moving forward positivity. Talking about trades that can make you money and not talking about trades that lost you money kind of thing.

Tim Grittani (made a $1.8 million within 3 years starting with $1,500  trading) and Eric Wood whose made $569k in trading are students of investors underground and have recently done interviews saying investors underground have been very big influences in their trading successes.

Tim Grittani and Eric Wood

Investors underground are traders really more than investors don’t let the name fool you. The difference is an investor buys a stock for cash flow as in dividends and long term a trader buys to sell at a higher price for capital so he/she holds the stock for a much shorter period. Nathan Michaud usually holds a stock for about an hour no more than that really. So if you are here to learn to be an investor then I will tell you this hasn’t got the right lessons for that. Nathan is really a scalper most of his trades are minutes.

The Pricing for the his subscriptions:

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  • Very Transparent trading as they verify every single trade even losing ones. Very honest approach.
  • Over $3.1 million in Broker verified profits must know a little something aye? lol
  • The support in the chat room get quick replies from millionaire traders who will personally answer your questions.
  • Video Lessons from the past to catch up with.
  • Daily Pre market and night watch list.
  • A positive chat room only potential winning trades are allowed to be talked about.
  • 3 Different chat rooms for 3 different styles of trading.
  • Teaches you to be self sufficient learn to trade for yourself not to follow.


  • Can Be expensive for the best of Investors Underground $297 PER MONTH.
  • Isn’t a quick fix if you are cash strapped.
  • If you are a total newbie I wouldn’t recommend it.As the lingo will confuse you.
  • Very fast paced chat room Nate would be like XYZ is going para(parabolic) am in ….(few minutes later) am out just sold.
  • You have to be at the screen basically all day for the best results and best trades.


Investors Underground is a great place to learn day trading but as a total novice you should go elsewhere till you know the basics at least. This is fast paced trading action scalping trades and isn’t for investor holding trades for months or years or erm … days. Investors underground have a big following from some of the biggest day traders out there. Nathan Michaud DVD was voted as the number one trading products above Timothy Sykes and even Jesse Livermores book and the infamous trading book “How I made Two Million Dollars In The Stock Market”Nicolas Darvas. If you want to be a day trader and have funds behind you with some basic knowledge of the financial markets and your not struggling to pay rent this is for you. If you want to be a investor hold stocks or haven’t got much finances this totally isn’t for you. If you want to be a day trader like Nathan Michaud go here. Thank you for reading my investors underground review hope it has provided you with some valuable information any questions leave a comment I will get back at you.